Rural Development Consultancy

We drive positive change in rural areas by engaging communities and boosting sustainable initiatives. We are specialists in rural development: harnessing local strengths and identifying opportunities, we design strategies that place the territory and its inhabitants at the forefront, attracting new residents, helping to invigorate rural areas and generating positive impacts.

Initiatives to Revive and Repopulate Rural Villages

We have extensive experience in identifying examples of best practices in rural areas, as well as collaborating with businesses, associations, institutions and various initiatives. We facilitate the search for partners in rural environments for both businesses and research centres. Furthermore, we work closely with local entities to identify the strengths of their territories and assist them in attracting new population.

Recuperación de pueblos rurales

Frequently Asked Questions About Rural Recovery and Revitalisation

Rural recovery and revitalisation refer to efforts to revitalise and strengthen communities in rural areas. It is important to counter depopulation and ensure sustainable development.

Challenges affecting development in rural areas include a lack of employment, limited basic services and the migration of young people to urban areas.

Strategies include providing access to affordable housing, offering quality internet access, supporting education and healthcare and creating employment opportunities.

Yes, there are several examples of municipalities that have lost population and have implemented strategies to reverse this trend, and they have succeeded. In many cases, regaining the young residents of the municipality who have left is the first step in attracting a young population, which then acts as a magnet for other newcomers.