Agricultural Extension Consultancy

Our goal is to connect the agricultural sector with cutting-edge agricultural innovation, promoting environmentally, economically and socially sustainable agriculture and livestock practices.

Agricultural Extension Consultancy Service

As an agricultural extension consultancy, our objective is to bridge the gap between the agricultural sector and the latest developments in the field. We are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and livestock practices from a holistic perspective. How do we achieve this?

Firstly, we provide farmers and livestock breeders with access to the latest advancements from agricultural research centres. We believe that shared knowledge is the cornerstone of progress and, accordingly, we facilitate the direct transfer of knowledge and innovative practices for their use. We are here to assist in implementing efficient and sustainable methods that benefit both production and the environment.

Extensión Agraria

Additionally, we encourage and disseminate innovative initiatives that are transforming agriculture. We stay up to date with the latest trends, from digitising agricultural management to eco-friendly solutions, and help the sector to incorporate these innovations into their operations. Our aim is for all farmers to have access to the knowledge generated, enabling them to adapt their operations to their needs.

In summary, our agricultural extension consultancy services focus on directing agriculture and livestock towards innovative and sustainable practices.

Agricultural Extension: Everything You Need to Know

Agricultural extension is a service that provides technical advice, training and knowledge transfer to farmers and livestock breeders. Its main purpose is to improve agricultural practices, increase productivity and promote sustainability in the agricultural sector.

Agricultural extension encompasses a variety of services, including technical advice on crops, livestock management and soil and water resource management. It also provides information on the latest innovations in agricultural technology and sustainable practices.

Farmers and livestock breeders benefit from agricultural extension by receiving expert guidance to address the challenges they face, such as improving the quality of their products or adopting more sustainable practices that help protect the environment.

Agricultural extension services can be provided by government agencies, non-profit organisations, universities, private companies and agricultural consultants. Their availability varies by region and country.

Agricultural extension plays a fundamental role in promoting sustainable agriculture by providing information on environmentally friendly practices, natural resource conservation and the adoption of clean technologies that reduce the environmental impact of agriculture.