Communication and Dissemination
of Horizon Europe Projects

Your Communication Partner for Horizon Europe

Knowledge Transfer for Horizon Europe Projects

We design and implement the effective communication, dissemination and use of results for EU-funded projects, with a specific focus on Horizon Europe, H2020, Prima, Poctefa and Life.

Comunicación y difusión de proyectos Horizon Europe

Strategic Communication and Dissemination

● Planning and implementation of effective communication, dissemination and public engagement strategies for research projects.

● Enhancing project visibility and impact.

● Creating content tailored to specific audiences.

● Monitoring and reporting on communication activities.

● Designing and developing the project's communication and dissemination plan.

Comunicación y difusión de proyectos Horizon Europe

Visual Identity and Dissemination Materials

● Creating the project's visual identity: logo, colour palette, graphics system, typography, document templates, icons, audiovisual materials, etc.

● Designing and developing a project website.

● Creating communication and dissemination materials: press releases, brochures, posters, leaflets, newsletters, videos, etc.

Comunicación y difusión de proyectos Horizon Europe

Content Management and Engagement

● Developing and managing websites, including SEO optimisation, custom design and user experience.

● Community management and content planning on social media platforms.

● Content strategy for blogs and various media channels.

● Creating engaging content: articles, interviews, infographics, podcasts, videos.

● Networking with project-related stakeholders.

Comunicación y difusión de proyectos Horizon Europe

Proposal Writing Support and Consultanc

● Developing robust communication and dissemination descriptions for proposals, tailored to specific audiences and expected outcomes.

● Developing a strategic communication and dissemination plan for projects (also for Horizon Europe projects).

● Supporting proposal writing.

● Consultancy for Horizon Europe project coordinators and partners in communication and dissemination-related areas.

● Advising on communication strategies, web development, use of project results and strategic planning.

Comunicación y difusión de proyectos Horizon Europe

Events and Meetings

● Organising and holding both online and offline events and meetings, such as project kick-offs, consortium meetings and various types of events and activities.
Comunicación y difusión de proyectos Horizon Europe

Evaluation and Impact Measurement

● Evaluating and monitoring the impact of communication and dissemination strategies.

● Measuring the reach, effectiveness and outcomes of communication activities.

● Analysing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to communication and dissemination

● Adjusting strategies based on results to maximise project impact.

● Implementing and promoting open science practices.

We specialise in communication, dissemination and knowledge transfer for projects within the food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environmental cluster. Click here to find out more.

Communication and Dissemination in Research Projects: What You Need to Know

Communication and dissemination are crucial in research projects because they help innovations reach the target audience and ensure that project-related information is communicated in a clear and accessible way. This raises awareness  the importance of these projects in improving the sector in which they operate as well as society as a whole. To communicate the value and impact of these projects effectively, it is essential to work with communicators who are familiar with the reality of the sector and are well versed in scientific language, ensuring the effective communication of results among various stakeholders.

Specialised communicators play a vital role in translating the complexity of these projects into understandable messages for diverse audiences. Their knowledge of the sector ensures that the most relevant aspects are highlighted and connections are made with the appropriate stakeholders.

When the purpose, objectives and potential benefits of a project are clearly communicated, it increases visibility and attraction. This can draw the attention of potential stakeholders, such as research institutions, businesses and other entities or individuals interested in collaborating and contributing. Specialised communicators can emphasise collaboration opportunities and explain how strategic partnerships can expand the impact and accelerate the progress of a project. In short, effective communication serves as a magnet for the formation of strong strategic alliances that help implement Horizon Europe projects with success.

Professionals with agricultural and communication backgrounds can more accurately convey the challenges, opportunities and potential impact of these projects. This promotes stakeholder engagement and informed decision-making.

Effective dissemination ensures that the results and knowledge generated through these projects reach the right people and organisations. This not only maximises short-term impact but also promotes sustainability by encouraging the adoption of innovative solutions in the sector.